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URL :  http://www.libellula.eu
Site Name :  S.I. Engineering Group

Site Description :   World-leading on CAM, nesting and PCS solutions for sheet metal working, S.I. Engineering is the favourite partner for more than 11.000 customers in the world.

URL :  http://www.axiomit.in
Site Name :  Axiom Information Technologies

Site Description :   Axiom Information Technologies located in mumbai, bhandup is software development company. It is mainly engaged in software development. Contact Axiom online or via Email/Phone. Services provided by AXIOM: 1)Asp.net Development 2)web developmnent 3)Vb.net Development 4)Website Design 5)ERP solutions 6)software for jewellery manufacturing 7)diamond jewellery trading 8)diamond inventory management 9)jewellery inventory management 10)order management 11)diamond jewellery retail sales

URL :  http://www.gssinfotech.com
Site Name :  Sharepoint 2013 to Office 365 migration

Site Description :   Maximize full potential of your SharePoint environment. Services include development, deployment, Migration, Upgrades, support etc.

URL :  http://www.modbusbacnet.com
Site Name :  Protocol translator

Site Description :   System intergration & protocol conversion/Building automatio control system PROTOCOL GATEWAYS DISCOVERY SOFTWARE DATACLIENT SERVER NETWORK HUBS Technical Information PROTOCOL GATEWAYS.

URL :  http://sorrelsoft.in/
Site Name :  GE Fanuc plc Software Free Download

Site Description :   We believe in innovation, user friendly, cost effective automation solution. Timely Services and customer satisfaction our outmost priority. We do will go a great way to improve our effectiveness and get respect from our peer's and customers globally.

URL :  http://www.cirrologix.com
Site Name :  cirrologix

Site Description :   employAstar is a candidate management software developed by cirrologix of bangalore based on cloud technology which makes your hiring process simple and easy. EmployAstar is one of the leading staffing & recruitment software which reduces the burden of recruiter’s by making the recruitment completely automated. A free trial of 30 days is available. employAstar is the premier applicant tracking software for recruiters and staffers who make recruitments regularly. It reduces the paper work and thus reduces the recruitment time. Work efficiently, hire faster with the applicant tracking system of employastar. Easy to access and yet very powerful tool for recruitment. Free 30 day trail available. employAstar is the easiest way to track applicants in one place with candidate management software and applicant tracking software. It is more easier than email and simple to use.

URL :  http://www.winvinaya.com
Site Name :  Test Automation

Site Description :   WinVinaya provides global software testing services - Risk Based Testing, Agile Testing, Estimation, Test Automation & online software testing training in Bangalore & Hyderabad.

URL :  http://letn.co.uk
Site Name :  LETN Solutions - VMware ThinApp packages application

Site Description :   Letn - VMware ThinApp packages application into single executable files that run completely isolated from each other and the operating system for conflict-free execution on end-point devices.

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